JS: openInNewWindow Breaks Parent Page

I encountered a very weird issue when trying to create a Dynamic Navigation Menu on APEX 5.0.4. I needed to be able to generate whether a URL could be specified to open within an iFrame on the homepage of the application, or to open up as if target=_blank had been enabled. Using a case statement it wasn’t too difficult to find out how to dynamically … Continue reading JS: openInNewWindow Breaks Parent Page

Application Express Views (5.0.4)

There are a huge amount of background tables and views in Oracle’s APEX, and a lot of them are very useful, but hard to find. Below is an excel spreadsheet of all the views that I’ve gathered from other people, with a brief explanation of their purpose. I only know these to be accurate up to APEX 5.0.4, as these views may or may not … Continue reading Application Express Views (5.0.4)