Little Victories Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Ross Henderson built the Little Victories app as an Ad Supported app. This SERVICE is provided by Ross Henderson at no cost and is intended for use as is. This page is used to inform visitors regarding my policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use my Service. If you choose to use my Service, then … Continue reading Little Victories Privacy Policy

APEX: How to integrate SweetAlert2

I’ve been looking at a way to create an alert in APEX, I basically wanted the apex.confirm alert but a lot nicer. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a very nice way of styling this, but also it requires to be placed in the button and not called from PL/SQL. Enter SweetAlert2. SweetAlert2 is a maintained repository (as the time of this blog post) and … Continue reading APEX: How to integrate SweetAlert2