Page Load: Scroll to Bottom of Page (jQuery)

I had an annoying thing in one of my APEX Applications where after a page refresh, APEX would automatically refocus back to the top of the page. This looks all good for a normal application, but for this one I wanted it to focus on the bottom of the page where the result of the page process would be. Luckily all I had to do … Continue reading Page Load: Scroll to Bottom of Page (jQuery)

Fibonacci Spiral in SQL!

I came across a challenge on (awesome site if you’re not already on it). The challenge was to generate the Fibonacci Spiral in whatever language you use. This is fairly easy in languages such as JavaScript, Ruby and other traditional logic-based languages. But I was able to come up with a way of completing the challenge using SQL. with FIBONACCI (i, SPIRAL, PREV) as … Continue reading Fibonacci Spiral in SQL!